Email marketing was one of the earliest forms of marketing used on the internet, long before social media ever became a thing. The best part about it is that you own your mailing list and you decide when to send out your content to your subscribers. Nobody will take that away from you. If your preferred email platform shuts down, you can simply move to another and take your subscriber list with you, instead of losing everything when a social media platform shuts down.

Email marketing has been promoted by experts like Jenna Kutcher and Beth Kirby, both of whom have built million-dollar businesses on social media and email marketing. That’s because, like so many others, they understand the importance of being able to reach clients in a more intimate space, where an algorithm won’t push down your content before your clients or customers have had a chance to read it.

There are some tips and tricks to getting your email marketing just right, which we’ll cover below. The important thing is to just get started. Whether you’re a general contractor | Buffalo Construction or some other type of contractor get started today! You can also visit this particular contractor company here –